Heke Design Upcycled Sweater Coats

Image of Heke Design Upcycled Sweater Coats

These beautiful, super warm woollen sweater coats are up-cycled using woollen jerseys and blankets that have seen better days.

All the textiles are gathered together from waste distribution points on Waikanae Island by designer Bea Lorimer and manufactured in her studio in a the basement of a Spanish styled house.

They are all one of a kind and combine different colours and textures of wool textiles to form a statement piece in your wardrobe that will last your years.

They are available in sizes S-XL in the following main colour combinations:

A. Various shades of Red/Orange
B. Various shades of Black/Grey
C. Various shades of Blue/Turquoise
D. Various shades of Purple/Pink
E. Various shades of Green
F. Various shades Brown/Cream

Please select your size below and we will email you so you can tell us your preferred colour combo.

International orders: Please email me for a quote on shipping internationally at denisehlabel@hotmail.com

Sweater Coats will be shipped from Heke Design on Waiheke Island