Gift From Eden Night Repair Serum 30ml

Image of Gift From Eden Night Repair Serum 30ml

Repair Serum contains many oils which are known to aid in skin repair and healing. Evening Primrose has a high concentration of GLA and helps with sun damage and battles aging. Rosehip soothes redness. Jojoba is rich in Vit E. Sweet Almond contains Vit A and E, potassium and zinc. Frankincense is for healing. Rose Geranium is anti-aging. Tea Tree is a powerful antibacterial. Patchouli is known to promote new cell growth. Lavender has many skin benefits such a soothing irritation, healing and anti-aging benefits. Lemongrass has antimicrobial properties.

Use this product as a night cream replacement for a week at a time following cleansing and toning. Give it a break for about a week and then start the cycle over again.