Gift From Eden Luxurious Shower Bomb

Image of Gift From Eden Luxurious Shower Bomb

Gift From Eden Luxurious Shower Bomb

The shower bomb is your solution if you love a bath bomb but have no bath, or even just because it's so lovely! Refer to the images on how to use shower bomb. It can last for two showers per bomb, or use once if you are feeling decadent. :-)

Enjoy exfoliating, moisturising and cleansing goodness all at the same time. It also smells amazing. The essential oils will linger on your skin as you step out of the shower feeling like Cleopatra after a milk bath.

Break a piece off, hold it under the water then squish it in your hands. As it foams spread it the goodness all over your body. Experience all the benefits of a bath bomb in the shower!


Sodium Bicarbonate

Citric Acid

Shea Butter

Tapioca Starch

Cocoa Butter

Olive Butter

Kaolin Clay

Decyl Glucoside - mild and gentle non ionic surfactant naturally derived from sugar.

100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Packaging will fit up to 12 Shower Bombs