Organic Wheat 2 Pack Hand Warmers

Image of Organic Wheat 2 Pack Hand Warmers

ReFAB Enviro Organic Wheat 2 Pack Hand Warmers or Cold Press

Use as hand warmers, bed time cuddlies and for pain relief for sore joints or muscles.

Please note that because of limit supply packs are supplied in general colours and may be different to the packs photographed.


Microwave your mini wheat packs for 1 - 2 minutes lying flat with a 3/4 cup of water.

IMPORTANT: Allow heat packs to completely cool before reheating.

COLD PRESS: Freeze for 3/4 hour within a container before use. Do not leave in freezer.

CARE: Do not wash. Gently wipe with a damp cloth if needed

MADE FROM: Up-cycled cotton fabric and contains organic wheat


ReFAB was established to create work opportunities and focuses on confidence building, training, upskilling, volunteering and employment. Waste fabrics saved from going to landfill are collected, washed and made into environmentally friendly products. This concept is supported by using little to no additional packaging.

ReFAB has a living wage/zero waste policy.

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